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Dottie Guides Patients Through Scheduling, Medications, Preparation and More.

Your appointment at Mission Bay Health Clinic is on July 8th at 1PM. Reply yes to confirm or no to cancel.
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Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations. Unique reminders for each provider and practice. Patients can confirm, reschedule, or join wait list.

It's 2 days before your procedure, remember to wash your body with your prescription soap today.
Reply 'Done' when completed.

Procedural Preparation

Ensure patients are properly prepared for procedures. Reduce complications, re-admissions, and cancellations. Track Preparation Adherence in Patient Dashboard.

It's time to take 120mg of Cardizem. Reply Done when completed

Prescription Reminders

Send reminders and track patient prescriptions. Increase patient adherence and reduce complications. Track Prescription Adherence in Patient Dashboard.

It has been 2 days since your procedure: You can now start with a light diet as tolerated. Mobilize yourself as much as tolerated.

Surgical Reminders (ERAS)

Guide patients through Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol to reduce complications and re-admissions.

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Patient Feedback

Get more 5-Star reviews. Use text messages to get feedback on same day of visit, If feedback is 1-7, we collect feedback privately. Otherwise, we ask for the patient to write a public review.

Dr. Michael Gillian


"Our patients love using ConnectMD, we love using it because it improves quality of care."

Dr. Kara Anderson


“ConnectMD reduced our no-shows and reduced admin time. We should have done this years ago.”

Meet Dottie, Your AI Assistant

Schedules Patients, Sends Reminders, and Answers Questions