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Secure Messaging

Exchange Personal Health Information, Test Results, Insurance Information, and more.

Hi, it's Dr. Jones, how are you feeling?
I'm feeling much better thanks for the prescription.
No problem, please message me if you have any questions.


Chat with your patients and colleagues using encrypted HIPAA-Compliant messaging.

Your test results, are attached, everything looks great. Please reply if you have any questions.
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Test Results

Share test results and documents via secure message. Get feedback on your results without waiting for a phone call.

Hi, It Looks like your insurance card is expired. Please send us a photo of your updated insurance.
Here is a photo of my updated insurance card. See you tomorrow.

Share Images

Share images of healing progress, paperwork, and even insurance information. Simply snap a photo and send it over via secure message.

Dr. Michael Gillian


"Our patients love using ConnectMD, we love using it because it improves quality of care."

Dr. Kara Anderson


“ConnectMD reduced our no-shows and reduced admin time. We should have done this years ago.”

Meet Dottie, Your AI Assistant

Schedules Patients, Sends Reminders, and Answers Questions